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Published: Friday 16th of December 2005 09:42:03 PM


John Peri
Well Jim, at least someone understands. I took this one at 1/10000 sec, knowing that she would fly out of the window an instant later.

John Paul C
Sorry John. I don't like this photo so much. I'm not saying it's bad. I'm just saying I don't like it. I think you have some wonderful photos but I feel this is not one of them. I guess it's all that wasted space on the left, the lighting and the crop. I must be missing something because so many others say how good it is. I wonder, if you entered this picture under the name "John Smith" would it get all the good comments. By the way, I do like your work. Just not this one. jp

Peter Meade
Hello John, this is a rather intemate moment. I'm very impressed by your ability to be there without being obtrusive. Regards Peter

John Paul C
Just me again Thanks John. I couldn't ask for a better reply. Respect to you, your work and those who truly admire it. jp

Jim Hayes
John There is never a moment at the Peri house when nothing is happening. I assume that you did this one in Black and White so as not to reveal her identity as SuperGirl. Thanks for the behind the scenes look at Peri Magic. JH

John Peri
Sure John Paul, and there is no reason why you should, many thanks for taking the trouble to point it out. You will understand however that if a photographer only produces work that appeals to a majority of viewers, he will very soon cease to have an identity of his own. I have created various folders in my portfolio, with different styles of images. Undoubtedly, some will please certain people more than others. What I identify myself with most closely is the black and white work. Increasingly, I find myself attracted also to images in which the model is not posed, but caught in a moment of activity, doing what she does naturally when she is on her own. I am also drawn to large spaces, preferably dark, in which a solitary figure is present. She may be posing, lying there or just doing something on her own, it's irrelevant, but her presence fills the empty void with meaning. This photo, among others, translates this idea for me.

Al Li
Always a wonderful capture. This is more than a photo; it shows the trust between the photographer and model. Which IMHO is the secret of making wonderful images.

Doug Bowles
There have been so many exquisite photos that have come out of the Peri Portfolios (I get rights to that trademark!) that we run out of superlatives.

John Peri
Private moment One of those captured moments when nothing is happening ...

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