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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 15th of December 2005 07:20:38 PM


Arthur Baas
Looks like we have too many diff. monitors, on mine the skin tones are okay.

David Shelby
WOW!like the abstract concept in skin tones and the artistic and imaginative composition.Something new from you!!!! Excellent work as always.......

John Peri
Hy David, yes you guessed right. This is the Fuji 200. However, it's converted and fooled around with, hence the slightly flat result, but that's me in an effort to get a pale face and give it a vintage look, not the film!

Different Views
The good image processing makes this shot look like one from the 50's or 60's. Interestingly enough, the illusion is being destroyed by the "trim" of the model's pubic hair. I find this little detail very interesting from a conceptional point of view. Nice work!

John Peri
Not too sure what you mean by crossing lines, there is a single light source here, but thank you for your comment.

Martin Leroux
should try to do some pin up style pics that look good!

David Blair
The lighting is fine, and this is very different to your norm. My problem is more the flattness. Are you still using the fuji 200? The skin tones dont look right, but its hard to put a finger on it. Good to see some experimentation John. Well done

John Peri
Yes, you are right of course ...

Slavomir Musilek
pay more attention to the lights. the crossing line from lighted head is too visible. Use softer light source

C. Daunis
Unbelievably beautiful shot. Pose, DOF, just perfect to my sensibility.

Arthur Baas
Classic style, IMO the lighting is well done.

John Peri
Kevin, that is hard to answer. Basically, I converted it to black and white and then softened the image.

John Peri
Monsieur Leroux, I'm trying, I'm trying!

kevin farrell
You are definitely revealing another side of yourself. Based on your other work, I would not have thought this were yours. How did you convert and fool around with the Fuji 200? The white face and upper body are striking.

Bill Foster
Great look and so different from your usual work ... jsut great.

Bill Foster
HAHA DV ... I didn't write it but that is EXACTLY what I thought when I first saw this. Still a marvelous shot though.

John Peri
Caroline .

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