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by Peri John

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Published: Wednesday 14th of December 2005 09:58:33 PM


George Pennington
The lighting is good. The lighting is not good. This element or that element is strong or distracting. What equipment are you shooting with and at what settings? Useful resources the Internet and Photo.net might be, but they are not without their difficulties. Perhaps it is the nature of the web to rate the model or the subject rather than the image. I'll just say that I want to learn to light images as you do and that your couch is spectacular.~

Jim Hayes
I am confused I have been here at photo.net for a couple of years now and I think I have seen nudes posed in just about every position possible. However, I still do not know what constitutes awkward. I have always felt that Mr. Peri's magic was the spontainious natural look that he seems to inspire from his NonModels. I find it amazing that anyone could think that they could assign a character trait from a photo. Especially when they apparently have no experience in the photography of the human form, just opinions and and the ability to be rude. Now that being said, I know that you make up your rules as you go, and I subscribe to the same, but I want to thank you for not cropping out even a single inch of her. One day I am going to learn the Peri bounce-flash technique and when I do I promise to have a glass of champagne(French) in your honour sir. I look forward to more of your collaborations with this lovely young woman. JH

Daniel Benoit
One word Awesome

John Peri
One can blame the photographer for everything and make any comments that one wishes on the subject matter, other than touch on their person and offend them. To make derogatory suppositions on a model's character and behaviour on looking at a photo is not only absurd, it is plain rude. The majority of my models follow these pages when they are concerned. I guess they can distinguish between comments that merit consideration or not, but they would find it strange if I did not point it out under picture that I have posted of them.

Michael Northrop
Awkward Pose The lack of pose aesthetic is quite obvious. She looks like a fish out of water. She obviously takes great pride in her appearance, and probably spends a lot of time in front of the mirror but the camera is a different animal entirely.

Harlow B. Staley
If the pose is awkward, don't blame the girl, blame the photographer. The body, of course, is beautiful.

John Peri
You may not like the pose or the picture Michael and I thank you for giving your opinion, that's why I post my pictures here. However, The personal supposition that you make about her behaviour in private is not only irrelevant to this photo, it is ungracious and ungentlemanly. I guess when she sees this, she will have the good sense to understand that very few people behave like that on PN.

Thomas Collins
hmm.... just browsing through Mr. Peri's collection this morning while sipping on a hot coffee in my robe. My wife is cooking a hot breakfast and we are just lazing around the homestead. Naturally, my eye stopped on this particular image this morning, a perfect vision to awake to. Cheers!

James Kuhn Jr.
Well Done John, your shots are well done. And the model has also done a great job.

John Peri
Figure on couch I met this young model in a cafe and asked her to pose for me. After seeing each other a couple of times again, she agreed and we spent an afternoon taking pictures together. She looked through my albums and said that loved photography and would be pleased to make her contribution, though she claimed to have no idea how to pose ....

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