Sunset dreams.

by Amelkovich Igor

sunset dreams nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Wednesday 14th of December 2005 11:03:37 AM


Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente Magnifico encuadre en B/W. perfeccion en la tecnica, y encuadre, excelente,, un cordial saludo Igor...6/6.

Oleg Seleznev

Sergey Belichenko
Good but seems artificial.

Alban Shkupi
Good, good, excellent Very nice feeling on this b/w, lighting is superb, details are sharp. Maybe, just maybe, leaving a tad more of the sky, just for the sake of balance. But that's just nitpicking. Really great shot. Bravo! 7/7

Igor Amelkovich
Stones are main here. It you see a landscape. In addition with wrong light. :-)

Thomas Andrew Hall
Wow That is awesome... the lighting is incredible...the tones lovely... the scene majestic, the composition great... now that's a great print for the wall.

Stefan Stefanov
Very beautiful!

Buzz Ellington
Wonderful landscape ;-)

Aguiar Thierry
Top of the top! 7/7

Don Marks
Oh ,Igor What a beautiful photo.The landscape itself is very nice,but when you added that beautiful lady it sent the photo over the top.Excellent light falling on her.7/7

Brad Kim
Excellent environmental figure study.... I like this very much!

Damien Michelin
Seems very artificial. The lighting is completely out of place. Also there is not real point of focus. The model is too distant. The rocks have mre importance that the subject. (4/4)

Rob Duyser
holy smoly; this is great stuff, very nice.

matthew goulden
psuedo for what ism the most contemplative view point acheived, what will this man do phor us next. Excellenti?!

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Igor Amelkovich
Sunset dreams. On the top.

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