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Published: Sunday 14th of October 2001 06:41:15 PM


Nejat Talas
lost? Not lost my friend, she is absolutely there :) and I liked the shot a lot. Hard contrast good model and a good pose. Well done.

Devang Mehta
Nice Look I like the effect of the black and white shades on the model's face. And the pitch black on the left makes it look abstract. Nice shot!

Joseph Hall
Aesthetics 8, Originality 7 Sultry, full of mood, well lit and exposed. To me here it looks dithered but I expect that's just an artifact. I'm not sure where "Lost" comes from. Looks more like "Pout" to me.

Seth Miller
Cool! Very nice! It looks like the tri-x really pushed well, at least on my clunky laptop :)

Steve Patterson
Pushing Tri-X Seth-- Tri-X responds beautifully to pushing, going contrasty but leaving enough greys that you don't burn out. Because I shoot a lot of theater under low lights, I've fooled with different fast emulsions, pushing Ilford or Tmax or using Fuji 1600 and even a couple of the 3200s. Everything tends to end up gray mush or so contrasty it looks like it was photocopied. Tri-X, the old beast, reacts predictably and has that beautiful grain that I'm a sucker for. I love the new color film emulsions, stunned by the high speed, fine grain slide films, but I guess I'm old fashioned when it comes to black and white. Steve

Don McVee
Searching 8/7. I like it. I would have named it differently because she seems to be looking out of the frame to find something that isn't in her dark background. The composition is perfect. There are some distracting marks or artifacts on her shoulder and inside the left arm. I would like to see it printed about 16 by 24 on heavy matte paper. Well done.

Will Wilson
Love the composition and the contrast, excellent choices techniquely. It has feel. Love your work. Great shot.

Joao Cleto
love the high contrast and the grain!!

Reni Kommnick
Stunning contrast!

Sp ...
Wish it was mine. This is my favorite of your folder. Flattering to your subject in way that I really like. I'll be pushing my next roll of Tri-X for certain.

T ...
I love the natural yet abstract look here. Looks like I'll be another trying Tri-X instead of my beloved Ilford.

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