Stitched panorama of the backyard at Barcliff House, Chatham, Massachusetts. Taken and stitched by my friend Neil Mayle.

by Greenspun Philip

stitched panorama of the backyard at barcliff hous greenspun philip

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Published: Monday 10th of July 2000 02:17:27 AM


Tommy Martin
Slow Torture That must be a terrible place to have to work. How can you stand it? ;)

Chris Grady
Nice stitch job It's one of the best panoramic stitch jobs I've seen .... perhaps due to the photographs high resolution making it easier for the software to compare and blend. Only the slight smudge lines in the grass give it away. Nice shot too. However the object to the far right simply ruins the view :-)

Vadim Makarov
I like how this image tells the story.

You scroll it on the screen from left to right. By the time you've scrolled it to the middle, you have a sense of what a great place this is (a sense of being taken there, in fact, because the image is quite big and well-detailed). Then, what a surprise, Alex appears, and you can guess what goes next... Philip with a computer and a set for ball game finishes the story by telling us what's being done there.

This image is worth a lot of words.

Touchel Berne (alias)
I love this idea, it's like a Chinese scroll painting. I've never seen anything quite like it. (I was unable to see the full height of the picture in the browser window at 1024 x 768 resolution, I suggest that it's a tad too large for the web.) Unfortunately the novelty of the form only suggests how off-handedly it's used in this photograph. You could have had two Phillip Greenspuns, one sipping lemonade while watching the other work. You could have had one working Phillip Greenspun and one Phillip Greenspun running off into the distance. These are kind of lame ideas, but they're what the form is suited for, I think. Very cool, I want to try this.

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