"Air Time"

by Tsoi Wilson

air time seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 13th of December 2005 01:53:30 AM


Howard Dion
Wilson, this is your kind of photography. Excellent composition.

John Seward
The shoes!!! Or are they flip-flops? I really like the composition, and the idea though. Nice shot.

Salvatore Mele
Wilson, that's a very original shot, for sure! I like the way the kid is effectively in mid-air and how the farthest elements (hands. umbrealla, crease on the shirt) are frozen byt the feet give still a feeling of motion. The composition with all main elements connected to each other along a diagonal is pleasent, although I might have liked more separation between the flying foot and the black sector of the umbrella. I like a lot the way the top kid umbrella matches with the red of his trousers, and the black/white one is also matched with his owner... moreover the strong colour being airborne and the B&W being still gives also a pleasent impression. The reversely-coloured shot would have been possibly less impressive.

Ken Beilman
Great composition, vivid colors, and very creative. Well done, Wils.

Jon Thornton
I love this shot! It is happy and bright and the composition is spot-on.

Jana Vanourkova
Fantastic ! cheers Jana

Sarah Underhill
I love this! Great color... action and fun...

Flemming Rasmussen
I like it, well done.

Lee Jianmin
Marry Poppin's will be glad to have a great photographer like you. Happy landing. Merry Christmas to you and your famiy,Wilson. ;~D

Pnina Evental

Richard Hans
Wilson, splendid composition with nice low visual angle, vibrant colors, creative idea very well executed!!! Best regards.

Linda Keagle
Wilson Original image, yes. I love the composition and colors. The only part that bothers me is the bottom of the shoes...they keep demanding my attention. I don't know what else you could have done to make them less so...maybe if the shoes were darker with treads, they wouldn't be so in your face. Of course that could be your intention...was it?

Pulok Pattanayak
Excellent idea & execution. Regards...

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Super capture. Creative, well composed, eyecatching color.... pure Tsoi! Nice job :)

Colin Carron
Great timing and smashing colour which suits the subject well. (The film 'Mary Poppins' is famous in UK for the World's worst attempt at an English accent by Dick van Dyke!)

Lionel Dupre
Remarkable ! "Grand Wilson".

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, SPENCER: Thanks and Merry Christmas to yours, too! FLEMMING: Appreciate your feedback. HOWARD: Thanks, Howard. PULOK: Glad you like it. SALVATORE: Thank you very much for your thorough analysis. Very well put! LINDA: My intention was to use fill flash to lighten up the shadow area. I kind of like the emphasis on the flip-flops, but can totally understand your preference. Happy New Year! JOHN: Thanks, John. Indeed they are flip-flops. JANA: Thanks! RICHARD: Appreciate your vote of confidence! JAYME: Glad you like it, Jayme. SARAH: Thanks, Sarah! JON: Appreciate it, Jon. KEN: Glad you like it, Ken. PNINA: Thanks for the slogan. ^_^ LIONEL: Merci! COLIN: Very, very interesting trivia, Colin! LOU ANN: Thanks for checking this out. 1.) He landed couple feet away from my face, and 2.) our kids, their friends and families had a blast hanging out together indeed! Happy New Year y'all! ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I have two thoughts competing for first place here. (1) Did you get hit or landed upon? (2) Heck of a lot of fun you must have when hanging out with your kids. :-) GREAT shot!!

Wilson Tsoi
"Air Time," If Marry Poppin Had Kids . . . Couple volunteers carry out an experimentation to validate Marry Poppin's mode of tranportation theory. Does it work for you? What's your best hang time?

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