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by Peri John

zd nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Tuesday 13th of December 2005 12:05:54 AM


Alain Lechat
Thanks a lot Thank you John. You see, I am not the only one to miss her... Tell her my best regards

George Becker
John where can I file my taxes with errors to be sure that I will face her!

Peter Gargiulo
John, I've always thought that nudes doing regular, everyday chores are extremely sexy?and this photo is no exception. Great work. My only concern is the apron...it's slightly confusing, since it's bunched up...maybe eliminate, or use one that is full-length?

John Peri
Hope you fill in your tax forms correctly, or you may find out!

John Peri
OOPS .. Sorry ! AIEE .... I told her and she dropped the yoghurt .... !

Different Views
She looks like she's been caught stealing from the fridge :) Nice capture ... why do my house maids never look this good? The lighting is good, but I think, the background is a bit too distracting. Did you intentionally leave the background in focus?

John Peri
Very little is done intentionally in my photos! But the background to the fridge picture does appear to be be semi in focus ....

John Peri
Ok, thank you.

C. Daunis
Redefining home economics. She's a gloriously beautiful woman, and this is a fun, sexy and no-thought-required shot.

Different Views
@ john ... my English ... I meant that maybe a smaller depth of field would have been good ... but for an unintentional shot, it's marvelous.

George Becker
Ah John... she is my favorite of all of your models it's her eyes they look into me. She should consider modeling. What does she do for work? George

Jeff H
yum This model is beautiful and I like the playfulness of your shot. Nice colors, good pose....I don't think its a midnight snack as she is wearing a hat....perhaps sneaking a bite to eat in the middle of chores???

Al Li
John I missed this kitchen shot of yours, lovely. Love her hat and that apron.

Hussein Rajabi
So sexy . .

John Peri
Searching for a yoghurt ... ... just for Alain ...

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