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squeezed seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Saturday 10th of December 2005 03:52:42 AM


Marc Morris
good shot A+ I enjoy looking at your football picture . Are you ready for the world cup !!! . All the best , marc

John Seward
It's almost as if these two were coming right out of the picture. I like the feel of this one.

Howard Dion
Love where the ball is! The image has a 3D quality to it!. Way to go Wilson.

Ken Beilman
Wow, the clarity, detail, and composition are just awesome. Wonderful image, Wils.

Andrea Endisch
yeah, 2006 coming soon...will we see one of these guys in Germany? This is funny as they are both not watching the ball hunting after it...great pictures, Wilson

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
The focus on the ball is great. The emotion on the faces is terrific! However, I think I want to see the missing arm and foot. I could be wrong :) Creative focal point! I like!

Karl Bartels
Very well done!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks folks for the feedback, JOHN: Glad it does that to you, John! KEN: Appreciate your kind words, Ken. HOWARD: Glad you think so, Howard! MARC: Thanks, Marc. I wish I'm ready for the World Cup. Nobody had hire me yet for that one. ^_^ KARL: Thanks for visiting, Karl! JAYME: Thanks, Jayme. The right was actually cropped off a bit to emphasize the struggle between the two players. Could have gone either way really. ANDREA: 2006 FIFA in Deutschland, are you and Reiner attending at least one match? It'll be a blast! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Squeezed," Enough Already! Shoreline left forward Zach Badilla (#23) tries to squeeze by Everett mid-fielder Norman Orr (#4) during a NWAACC game. Dolphins beat Trojans 1-0.

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