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by Peri John

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Published: Tuesday 6th of December 2005 04:05:20 PM


Arthur Baas
now I know.. ..This is the best portrait I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work John. Hopefully it's a high-res image, so you can have it printed. Dutch 16th century paintings? ....mmm.

Vi P
Modigliani... yes. Stunningly beautiful. This capture is unique.

Greg Maszyna
Hi John, i'm not very long with but i can see some of your photos really often, and i have to say it is one of the best job here. Another thing is about those girls - i just admire your ability, first to find them (girls) and then to take so good photographs of them. Thank You for sharing.

Sharon Jobe
You are a Hypnotist... that's the only way you can meet a stranger and take beautiful portraits of her! Oh John, I know she is a one of a kind beauty, but you, you are amazing! Her nose, her mouth, the way her head is tilted, the lighting makes me swoon. 7/7

Daniel Wertz
You are cheating! I don?t think you could take a bad photograph with such a beautiful model. Well, I could, but surely not you. If I was you, and I want to be, I would set up another session right away.

John Peri
Many thanks Arthur, it may not be the best (sic) but she certainly does have a look and is very photogenic ...... I spoke with her again yesterday over the phone and told her to take some of my photos to an agency ... she could earn some pocket money ... but she just laughs in response .. !!

John Peri
Sharon, thank you, but I think I am the one that is in awe, and I guess it kind of translates sometimes into some of my photos!

Facundo Jose
Great photo of a beautiful woman ! greetings from Patagonia

John Peri
Miolkshakes ... I met this young lady this summer. She was studying year round and serving milkshakes as a summer job. I took a couple of pictures of her as she passed from table to table and she smiled, so I asked her if I could take some more and we met up a couple of days later. What is fascinating about her is the ability to pass effortlessly from a glamour to a character shot with no effort. Some see in her a Modigliani, others compare some of her photos to some Dutch 16th century paintings. I suggested to her that she should model and she laughed out loud and left me to return to her milkshakes .....

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