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Published: Friday 2nd of December 2005 06:01:55 PM


Jim Hayes
Any friend of John Peri's is a friend of mine. Thanks for the introduction.JH

W. Roger Keagle Jr.
John You do well in this kind of work, because you reach out for the soul, not just the surface of your subject...and it shows...a little of your thought, working with your model makes us part of the experence...this is a sensitive capture.

John Peri
Roger thanks. I agree that one must reach out to one's subject in order to capture their personality, and as Ric so rightly says, it's all about a moment shared together. It can be very intense and one can feel totally drained afterwards. But do not forget that in this particular instance, it was a shared effort, which means that we were probably both pretty tired after!

John Peri
Yes, I guess the chair could be a nuisance, someone cleverer than me could probably clone it out, but oh well, that's how the moment was captured ...

John Zyrlis
Beautiful picture and likewise model, congratulations on a wonderful piece of art. I am only bothered by the chair back in the lower right which IMO distracts.

John Peri
Steve, thank you, we had a flash attached to the camera that was bouced off the wall. Indeed, I agree with you and all the work we did was very casual. Nothing was set up. She's just a wonderfully expressive personality that would shine in any circumstance.

ric douglas
I think harping on the details of this shot is totally missing the point of the shot - to capture a moment with a wonderful subject, to expresss the attractiveness of that subject, and to be satisfied that you did what you set out to do. Look at whats right with the photo - perfect skin tone, shadows, dress is awesome, she looks totally natural and relaxed. How can you really find anything wrong with this photo? The story behind this photo makes it even more fascinating - how often do you get such a cooperative and insightful subject, on top of her being a photographer?! Are there more of her - maybe a little less profile?

Dorota Kaluzynska
I think I know her!!! :)

Rina H
I think you captured her very well. An elegant lady. I love the colours of this picture. Nice pose and expression. There is something black in the background behind her head that mingels with her hair. That is a distraction. The black chair in front does not add anything imo.

Steve J Murray
Very nice, natural photo/portrait. Being a big aficionado of "natural" portraiture I realized my own best shots seem to be the ones that "catch" the subject in a moment of "non-posing." In other words when they are not intentionally presenting a persona/image, but reflecting "in between" those more conscious moments. Surprisingly, sometimes this happens on the first shot. John, is this ambient lighting or did you set something up?

Pawel Sawicki
I like this very soft light and the feelings that it brings. Beautiful model, wonderfully caught. I have some doubts about the chair, but after a while I think it plays its role here.

Jonathan Charles
John, are you in love? This exceeds even your usual high standard of empathy. Best wishes, Jonathan

Tammy V.
What a lovely capture of a most striking lady.

A. Smythe
Defined The lighting in this photo does the job. No need for back lighting nor for the hair to be any more obvious. The darkness of the hair beautifully borders the face. Fantastic photo !! Both photographer & model can be proud of it ( and, I'm sure, ARE proud of it ).

JF Ochoa
Beautiful picture... and model too! (You are John "lucky" Peri ;-)

JF Ochoa
Sorry... beautiful model... and picture too!

Greg Bulla
Nice composition and softness. If the back wall was a lighter color, her hair would be better defined, but sometimes you have to take what's there. I'm sure she liked this photo of her also.

Brad Kim
Very charming lady.... beautifully photographed. I'd like to see more...

C. Daunis
She is exceptionally lovely, and your images of her are impressive. She must be a very important person.

Landrum Kelly
Thank you, John. I have dropped by but left few comments this semester, since I am in a new job with lots of new duties. Tuesday begins exam week and another round of madness, but for now I have a few minutes free. Yes, I can see your point about the sizing of the photos, John. I just sometimes wish that they were larger, as do all of your visitors. --Lannie

John Peri
Empathy is described as the ability to imagine oneself in another's place and to understand the other person's feelings. In this case, the empathy is hers, because it was her, the model that constantly imagined herself in the position of the one that took the photos, trying to figure out what was wanted and how to contribute. She actually said that to me in a discussion later, so the generosity is hers. My models, yes, I truly love them all .... a strong bond is created through sharing in session like this one, the most lasting one of which is friendship. Obviously, when the passion for photography is shared also, the identification is stronger still ...

John Peri
You know Chris, sometimes you know someone for a long time, and there is no special contact or affinity. Other times, it's the reverse. I guess it's the same when photographing someone too.

John Peri
Hy Lannie, yes of course you are right. What I do in fact nowdays is to decrease the resolution of my photos a few days after the majority of people have already looked at them. I have learned that with time, some pictures are copied and reproduced all over the web in the most astonishing contexts. I have found some of my photos on Japanese and Russian sites, among others, as well as used to create humurous cartoons that also circulate on the web and elsewhere! That's all well and fine, but I owe it to my models to take care that any abuse is limited to a strict minimum, and this is the only way that I have found to do it. I am glad that you like the photo above. I say confidentally this time that the credit is not mine alone. As for the nudes, that is another story. It is indeed important not only to gain a model's trust, but to honour it also. So glad to have you stop by. I've missed you !

John Peri
Yes John, it's certainly well done, thank you. I guess one could even paint red that last bit outstanding.

John Zyrlis
John: Though obviously not an expert - here's a copy with the chair removed.. Great shot either way.

Tore Nilsson
Great looking gilr, I love her expression and the soft colours in this shoot, nice work. Best regards Tore

John Peri
Portrait of a friend "I met this wonderful young lady one evening. I had dinner with her and observed her over the meal, how she moved and spoke, and how her eyes changed expression and made known her every thought ... I knew instantly that she would be the most wonderful model to photograph .... if I could just get her to let go and be herself ....." And so, I took some photos of her the next day. In fact, she turned out to be a very gifted photographer in her own right, and this helped enormously in getting her to understand what I was after. She contributed throughout the session frequently, but in a subtle way and always with a gentle suggestion, never to make me feel that she was taking over the shoot, which she could well have done at any moment! In a sense, I achieved my goal because she is obviously elegant and beautiful in the pictures now to follow. But those that haven't met her do not know that she is much better looking than any photo I have made ... and so charming and intelligent too! Anything I post here will of course be with her permission ...

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