Satan's Little Helper

by Siwanowicz Igor

satans little helper seeking critique siwanowicz igor

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Published: Thursday 1st of December 2005 06:38:59 PM


Aivar Mikko
What a feature! Great details and sharpness.

Birte Ragland
7/7 Simply fantastic

Juan Ramón D. Pintado

Ben Neptun
Wow! I would not want to pick a fight with this guy. Great shot. I'd give you a higher score for aesthetics if this guy wasn't so scary-looking. 5/6 I was unable to comment on your portfolio, so I'll do it here... Your work is excellent. My favorites are titled Treefrog, Chessboard, and Larva-thingy. You've got a real photographic eye. How do you like that 100mm macro lens? Is it worth the money?

fabio gattone
incredible!!! great shot, and great subject!!!

Naftali Raz
another excellent and anthropomorphic bug shot. this one also is dressed funny. an excelent series!

Alec Ee
Wow! Never seen before. Love the antennae

bryan thornhill
7/7 totally wild, awesome....I tried this one time with one that I caught and it would not let me get near it without taking off...I need to get your lens added to my pack.

Jim Goldstein
Incredibly sharp! Such an evil looking little creature. Your photo is impressive. Great macro work. Oh and btw I came across a cousin of this guy on a hike recently. I went to take a photo and I was surprised to find out how fast they can run up ones leg. No photo was taken, but my little friend was quickly flung off my leg in a short but mad panic.

zulfiqar ali
Exquisite!...great detail...perfect shot..>congrats!

Frank Melchior
Great work, tack sharp, nice comp.

martin forget
Wow, Great shot !!! Use to see macro of those creepers, but so nice details in the antenas and overall, wonderfull lights (almost look like a wax reproduction, did you cheat ;) ). Great colors, well composed. So the excellency of the aesthetics boost the originality in my view. 7/7

Huy Tran
great details. Beautiful color and composition.

Tim Nichols
Incredible! But I believe it anyway! Absolutely fantastic.

Kombizz Kashani
GREAT macro capture with fantastic sharpness

Igor Siwanowicz
Satan's Little Helper It has eeeeevil grin, but makes a great pet (if somewhat short-lived).

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