by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Wednesday 30th of November 2005 11:42:43 PM


George Becker
I too would like to see a coffee table book by John Peri! If you could get releases from all of your wonderful friends.

Aguiar Thierry
Très sensuel John! J'aime beaucoup! Mais c'est quoi les marques sombres sur le c�té §auche du mod謥 (entre le sein et le poignet)?

John Peri
Thierry, goodness knows, they must be shadows! Regarding the remark further up by George, I have permission from the models for all work presented here and therefore that would not be an issue.

Arthur Baas
Small images like these in large prints, a special edition 'Nudes by John Peri' would be great.

John Peri
Thanks Arthur. Well, who knows, one day maybe, but then someone would have to buy it!

Aguiar Thierry
Oups il faut lire "sur le cote gauche du modele"

John Peri
Nude figure .

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