Appenzell Lanscape

by Keller Alejandro

appenzell lanscape seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Tuesday 29th of November 2005 09:43:21 PM


Karl Schuler
Good Groupphoto It always plucks my heartstrings when I see a typical photo from Switzerland. I agree that the Swiss cows (and not only they) need space. But I also would crop part of the foreground. The left bottom corner is distracting. When I grow up in Switzerland our cows had horns and I still miss them when I see cows like this.

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Chris and Karl... I am glad you liked the picture and took the time to comment.

Karl: I did not grew up here but will always enjoy this kind of images... As for the framing, it is a matter of taste. I have this image since some years now, it is one of my favourites, and I actually did a crop before posting it. I kind of regret it now, because IMO the original full frame is better (I know most Photoneters will not agree with me, though)... I would also have prefered not to have the wire on the lower left corner but this was, after all, just a snapshot (They were so courious and did not hold the "pose" more than a couple of seconds).

Alexander Mandl
IMO a little too much lawn in the foreground.. I would crop it about 15% from the bottom

Alejandro Keller
Alon, my friend They are wondering if I will touch the electrified fence that you can see on the lower left corner ;-)

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Keith, thanks Alexander. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. You are welcome again anytime.

Alexander: It is a landscape picture, and the landscape of Appenzell has a lot of lawn ;-)... Seriously, the choices were lawn or (white) sky. I personally like this choice. Besides, Swiss cows need their space.

Alon Eshel
Beautiful Meadow atmosphere . I love the look they give you . always wondering what they think about :) . the tones & fog in the background are great

Karl Schuler
Original is good Alejandro, I agree with you, the original frame is better than what you posted first, because it shows more space all around. The wire could easily be cloned out. Karl

Keith Sherwin
When I saw landscape under this shot I thought what?! I understand what you're saying... For me it is important to shoot what awakenes feelings in yourself. I'm glad you shared this. I like the mono treatment especially the black calf among the other three. nice one!

Chris Nichols
Alejandro, Great angle and fantastic tone. Great work!

Karl Schuler
Die armen Kuehe? Even the cows in Switzerland are not pobres. ;-) Karl

Alejandro Keller
There are so many images that I have to revise and redo... full frame would be better, but with "view it large" settings. Nevertheless, I still like the wire destroying the perfection of the Appenzeller landscape.

...and yes, Karl, I have never seen more spoiled cows as the pobres vacas in Switzerland.

Alejandro Keller
Appenzell Landscape A typical image of the autum in Appenzell... For me, the cows are an important part of that landscape. Thanks for viewing

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