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Published: Monday 28th of November 2005 10:44:52 PM


Milo G
Thoughts Another John Peri masterpiece of composition. A couple of highlights are on the edge of bleached, but I still love it.

Thomas Andrew Hall
Lovely Beautiful composition, I like the uniform tone of skin, giving it a graphic design quality. Among all the the lovely models, another image of your muse!

John Peri
Thnak you Biliana. I would recommend that everyone look at your portfolio. It's simply wonderful.

Jaco Vosloo
Cusp This must be one of my favourite portraits on the site. That weightless moment between going up and coming down...it's almost like you captured her in a moment of changing expression...amazing. I could look at her for hours (and have!).

John Peri
Thank you Jaco, this is admittedly one of my favourite pictures also.

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady She is an expressive young woman and a delight to photograph ..

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