Train Travel

by Tsoi Wilson

train travel tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 11th of October 2001 11:35:44 PM


J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 All the pictures in your folder are splendid.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your kind words, Mr. Harrington.

Ken Thalheimer
Nicely done! Static on one side and motion on the other. Colors od the trains and people on the platform add a lot. Nice composition

nick kessler
this is excellent. i love the feel of these with the trains. this is similar to something i want to acheive in metro subway system, in washington d.c.

nick kessler
THOUGHT you might like to know i like these so much, i have been thinking about them, and i am visiting them again. thank you, they rock!!

Barry F - Oklahoma
Excellent natural lighting without appearing harsh. The motion is a nice touch. You have many great photos in this folder. I don't think I had seen your work before. Thanks for posting.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks to everyone who replied, but... what do you feel when you see this image? Does it make you want to hop on the train, walk around on the platform, etc.?

Mike Sea
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 Nice shot, Very phallic if you look at it in a symbolic way. I like the way the only real colour is from the trains themselves. Mike Sea

David Maisant
Perspective, colour, motion... Great combination. Excellent.

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