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peranakan house seeking critique cherlyn

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Published: Monday 28th of November 2005 03:39:56 PM


Cherlyn .
Yes, Pnina, someone born from a mixed marriage of 2 persons from 2 different cultures are called Peranakan but this is only applicable in South East Asia.
Glad that you all like this picture & the frame :-)

Julio Segura Carmona
Excelente trabajo Cherlyn,, perfecto encuadre y un bello color,, PN, no seven....6/6.

Satya Banga
Cherlyn....I am.. Looking forward 2, and visualizing the outcome with your imaginative and Colorful photography .~~Regards~ Satya~

Kaushik Chatterjee
Cherlyn, Great great display of the door. Nice capture too. Is it your house? :-)

Shuki Laufer
Interesting original photo,well done.

Daily Photograph
It is the symbiosis you created between the photograph and the frame which makes the picture. Extravagant!

Cherlyn .
Peranakan: is any native born Indonesian of mixed Indonesian & foreign ancestry. In Singapore, Malay mixed with Chinese can aslo be classified as Peranakan.

This is a typical Peranakan doorway entrance, with a swinging door with carvings in front of the main door.

Thanks for viewing & comments.

Hanna V
yes, DP photograph + frame = art

Richard Kynast
Cherlyn Like everyone else, I like this very much; the framing with the leaves and the details are excellent. Thank you for posting.

Francisco J. LauriƱo
A very beautiful shot. The natural frame provided by branches is what makes this photograph work.

Fernando Ferreira
Its a wonderfull image. No doubts about that. Congrats!

Bolti Ankheen
like the way u frame the image with plants in foreground, very nice Cherlyn. Regards

Alec Ee
Very good composition Cherlyn, lovely details. Only nitpick - perhaps another type of fonts will be better. ^_^

Paul Turton
Cherlyn, Beautiful presentation!

Cherlyn .
Kaushik,I wish this is my house too but it's not. This was located in one of the prestige area in Singapore.
Glad that the frame works here for most of you.

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments.

Satya Banga
Peranakan It was interesting to read About Peranakan , is it related to Chinese Ming Dynasty. i am drifting away from the photograph ,.......BEAUTIFUL COMPOSITION. I just love there Embroidered Shoes, are very much back in fashion,i happen to read. Please correct me if I am wrong.~~Regards~~Satya~

Marco Ruggiero
Ciao Cherlyn! With your beautiful work I am always behind everyone else in congratulating you and this is no different. But hen as they say "...Better Late...". Great image and a great composition. Congratulations.

seckin aziz top
cherlyn storytelling shot.good details and composition.liked natural frame.

Pnina Evental
Cherlyn , interesting explanation of the culture, I understand that the name means "mixt marriage" ? anyway , interesting door,nicely framed by vegetation. Pnina

Cherlyn .
Satya, It is not related to Ming Dynasty. Peranakan is a South East Asia culture. And you are correct about the embroided shoes which is back in fashion now. Traditionally, tiny coloured beads are hand sewn on the shoes to create beautiful designs. I have a pair too, left from my grandmother. I'll try to take a photograph of it.

Ray Wei
One of the best house front photos I've seen. Great job.

Ken Beilman
Personally, I think the frame really enhances this image and lends a very artistic feel to it. Nicely done, Cherlyn.

alexandra rauh
I am glad,You bring this to us Cherlyn.very skillfull photographed,the doorway and the plants are seperate,there is room between them ,but still the composition ,both belongs together.That makes such a accurate looking Exterior.

Ada Ipenburg
Wonderfully framed image, Cherlyn. I really love this intimate view through your splendid created 'window'. Beautiful and original! A pleasure for my eyes. Many greetings, Ada:)

Mohsen Nafar
The border is not good. it takes care to the border not the photo.

Colin Carron
Crisp detail and harmonious colours. I'm not usually keen on big frames as I think the image should stand by itself. In this case the frame works well though I'm not sure about the backwards title!

A.K. Sircar
Beautiful composition,Cherlyn. Thanks for the information about Peranakan.

Pulok Pattanayak
Excellent composition.

Lee Jianmin
7/7 Excellent examples of renovated Peranakan terrace house. Original Framing from the trees. I find the carved door frames very unique too.

Richard Hans
EXCELLENT!!! Yes , very nice piece!!! Congr.

Paula Grenside
Cherlyn, interesting, beautiful entrance, and the frame you have created is, not only enhances its beauty but makes it a warm invitation.

Kathy Brown
This is a beautiful photograph. Very nice work! Kat

rabinder bhandari
very good photograph with a nice composition.... rabinder

Ab Ergun
Very nice work! beatuiuful composition. Congr...

Cherlyn .
Peranakan House A typical doorway entrance of a Peranakan house . Thks for viewing & comments.

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