pride 1

by Siro Anton Seth

pride kodak dcsn san disk ultra mb siro anton seth

Gallery: PRIDE

Tags: pride kodak dcs14n san disk ultra 512 mb san disk ultra 512 mb nikon af-s ed 17-35mm f28dif seeking critique

Category: Fine Art

Published: Sunday 27th of November 2005 05:32:50 PM


Manuel Lao
I've been always attracted with these kind of images. It comes deep down into my brain to produce an emotion, a feeling I cannot explain.

Dexter Dee Dee
Nice work. A blue color skin is quite nice. It's a unique one. DDD

Dragos & Adela Manea
- Indeed. Very good shot ! I would made the frame blue too. Dark blue.

Apurva Madia
Looks like a victim of Lecter! Just out of Hannibal! Just the same, a very good work.

Matt Fulco
This looks like it should have been on the cover for the latest of the "Child's Play" series. Kind of like someone took a Salvador Dali postcard and put it through Photoshop.

Seth Siro Anton
Blue figure thanx

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