ballet figure 2

by Siro Anton Seth

ballet figure siro anton seth


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Published: Sunday 27th of November 2005 02:48:03 PM


catastrophy Broadcast
Always the same critic ... like for all your work.. this heavy surrealism tendancy. BIG ART MISTAKE. and dont follow the people who will LLLOOOOVVVEEE that they will bring you toward no where ( I bet with you that youll find out this mistake in 10 years from now !) This photo head cut ans without those stupid pins that look so obviuos will be more strong. Like a Clever publicist was saying : try to stop three balls of tennis that someone send it to you ! So the big laws is to send ONE ball, no more ! half a ball is beter Here ( like in your other work) you send to much balls and the result is : TOO much for the ultimate mirror. What is in fact interresting in this picture ? The curves and the symetry thats all; more than enough for an art piece. The grotesque left hand is just breaking the beauty, the head is grotesque too : lost of time. So the strenght, the beautifull tension get weak ! too bad ! because those are the real force of this image. You just loose the sofisticated aspect by wanting again to proove too much. Also the onirism aspect brings this faken stupid surr顬ism. So naﶥ, so artistic ! YOU should concentrate madly to a kind of abstract realism and forget this naﶥ poetry of a nightmare art. Forget surrealism and youll be more straight to your feeelings. form, skin, movements, spirit... si more than enough, thousand more ! Mystery, Sensuality, Humor, daring : that are the direction you must take. If you understand that and you want other openning for this work ill tell you how to go more far with this. If you think that is over, you ll not change an inches of it. ill pass my road. I just think that you have a brutal talent but not a serious direction.

Esther Valentino
Beautiful image, powerful and intense surrealism, a very hard concept for many to grasp or see. Beauty as spoken by a full mind, not by some partial mundane conception based on a sense of comfort that has doomed many great things in this world to extinction before they could speak their own needed poetry. I find the symetry in this picture a dance to the eye directed to absorb every meaning in detail. The image is magical in the act of feeling but not fantasy, more of a deeper reality that can only be declared by a talent and sensibility beyond the traps of light and density. I find many details such as the blades absolutely necessary and natural to the subject. Courage to see. Beauty at its full power. One of my favorite works of art of your entire collection to me there is never enough too much significance. My deepest admiration, Tragic that some people judge without understanding or understand without having formed deep thought patterns.

joe w
What a wild looking picture, very creative. atlantic beach north carolina vacation

Natalya Sirotina

To catastrophy Broadcast I saw your message and I found it full of jelousy :] have fun in your fake word of "beauty"



This picture is touching

How all those sweet curves aren't just so sweet that they might seem

I love the way you present womens body ..not just trough as a sexual thing but much more,perhaps something dengerous too ,something that cannot be seen with a naked eye.

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