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by Peri John

mp nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Saturday 26th of November 2005 07:05:11 PM


Dexter Dee Dee
Nice perspective and colors too. DDD

Fran Garcia
another 7

Paul Konigsberg
a very original view

Tammy V.
I like the perspective, John.

umashankar pandey
Sheer sensuousness of the female of the species brought forth in this amazing capture of form and perspective. Very original. Exposure and light, as usual, are perfect. Congratulations.

Ged Murphy
bizarre perspective 100% erotic

John Peri
Thank you Nathan, I appreciate the sincerity of you comment above and I have no objection to the word silly, though "sexist" is not one that any of my models have ever accused me of until now. If it were so, I don't think that I could survive very long as a photographer of nudes and glamour. On the contrary, I would like to believe that if so many friends and friends of theirs accept to pose for me, it is because they understand the profound esteem and admiration with which I hold them and try to represent them in my photos. That is not commensurate with "sexism". I fully appreciate that you may not like this photo (too late now, but actually I too would prefer it in black and white), and undoubtedly, I have a lot of nonsene included in the large number of photos that I have posted on PN. There is an underlying thread to my work however which is the search for beauty, harmonious forms and sensuality, and that is always in the absence of any interpetation that could be open to being exploitive or sexist. When in doubt, I abstain, and many images have not been posted for that reason, but this is not one of them. The model loves it. That being said, one must also accept that others have opinions too, and 37 ratings leading up to an average of two 5's, of which 34 are "anonymous" and are therefore not meant to please me, may reflect statistically the interest that some other fellow photographers find in this image.

Al Li
I think she is a wonderful and expressive model. Light is fantastic.

Nathan Ross
You've got some great shots in your portfolio, e.g. you have one with a girl laying in a bath with gorgeous blue tones, great pose and great composition, which I'd easily score 6 for originality and 7 for aesthetics - it's a top shot. But this shot here is one of hundreds on which, to me, just look sexist and silly. Regards, Nathan.

John Peri
Doorway Undoubtedly, some may suggest that I remove the door to the right, but then you lose the notion of doorway and exterior .....

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