Good morning!

by Sousa Dias Nana

good morning sousa dias nana

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Published: Saturday 26th of November 2005 04:09:30 PM


Rui Nogueira
An outstanding portrait. From a real master in photography.

Jose Paulo Andrade
This is the guy... have spoken about in your exhibition in Porto!! A nice portrait, indeed!

sd adsada
Nice shot!

bruno costa
Grande momento, excelente cor.

Haig Tchamitch
Maybe a little bit of a grumpy morning? LOL. Nice portrait.. and coincidentally looks like it was shot a couple of minutes before the one by Luis Henriques.. (judging from how far the cigarette was smoked).

Nana Sousa Dias
Haig: Luis Henriques was with me, that morning. There was a third friend, with us, Fernando Correia, who has also a similar photo. We were 3 big guys (and heavy, too!) shooting this poor man with 3 nedium format cameras, 1 hasselblad, 1 Pentax 67 and Pentax 645. I think the man was in panic, because of that heavy artillery cross fire!

Haig Tchamitch
Now I see why the poor guy was looking grumpy.. I would too if I was trying to have a quiet cigarette after my morning coffee .. lol. I must admit, I would not have passed by the opportunity to take that shot either! It's a pretty darn good one.

Carl Wakefield
Priceless really cool and great photo. Love it.

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