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Published: Saturday 26th of November 2005 07:55:05 AM


Tawhid Uddin

Sharon Jobe
Gorgeous! Just absolutely lovely! The lighting is dreamy as his her expression, truly a gorgeous portrait!

Byron Hamilton
Speechless! This is just a fantastic portrait. You can't go wrong with her, anything with her in it is going to be great!

Ramsey Kunkel
Beautiful... tone, lighting, and model. Very Nice.

Greg Goldstein
Beautiful light and pose.

Raymond Liguori
Beautiful woman, great image.

Ryan Young
Beautiful I love the juxtaposition of the skins tones and soft green background. Lovely model with good, distracted(?) expression. A great image.

Paul Konigsberg
Perfect tones and DOF. Great technic, not to mention her expression... I myself would have titled it "sadness" 7/7

Michael Raddatz
I agree w all above.

Isaac Madera
Very nice. I even like the title. and if you dont mind me adding...what a killer body! very good stuff here!

Robert Farnham
You've created a beautiful mood. A little too much smoothing of her skin for my taste, but not so much that she looks plastic. A lovely photo.

kevin farrell
Beautiful dreamer who takes us whither she goes. Long live innocence!

Nathan Ross
It's a lovely pose, lighting and location for a portrait. With clothes on, this would have been a great portrait.

Karthik Siddhun
The placement of model, composition, DoF in this image is perfect. The skin tone of this girl is good. I like this girl/image I rate 5/6

Ernest Wong, CA
vert nice

Al Li
This is a really beautiful image. The lighting is exceptional, perfect.

Julius Bergh
What could have been a distracting background has been taken care of by the depth of field. Well done. The picture has a gentle dreamy mood about it.

J Edwards
Beautifuly lit and composed. Very nice.

Aguiar Thierry
A jewel! Good composition, wonderful light, lovely model, fantastic colors! I'm in love with it (and maybe with her too :-) ). Congrats to you and your model!

Steve Ward
sw fabulous

Tiina Haasma
wow ! Super ! 7/7

Allan Kirby
A Soft Touch I like the diffused lighting that added a gentle touch to this photo. The colours are also a good contrast to one another.

Michael Northrop
Prettygirl. Eyes closed would have set this one on fire (for me anyway)

Paul Thibodeau
Incredible! Wow! A truly stunning photograph of a truly stunning woman!

Carlo Ottaviano Casana
Wonderful shot!

andrei georgescu
very good image . de model is very expresive ! take care with the cuts .


Ramón Palomo
Delicate and sweet picture. Wonderful model.

Oliver Weber
I might title this "Youth". Excellent shot!

Milan Krepelka

Nirupam Biswas
Nice expression and ambiance!

Jim Looman
Beautiful capture of a beautiful woman,...such a soft mood. Hats off to you!

alan wright
These are some of finest breasts on a exquisitely gorgeous young lady that I have ever seen!!

Rosco Boswell
Beautiful model and great lighting. Her gaze, however, is distracting, and I keep trying to follow her eyes out of frame. Otherwise, a very gorgeous picture. Well done!

Michal Pokorny
well done. Mayby more light to the front part of body to make breasts lighter. Her expression is super.

Saintz Saintz
Sexy . and Simple .. Great Eyes !

rick sander
crop left

laurentiu posarlie
i think on my oppinion is probabably the best nude on this site!

Ariel R. Ameri
nice shot ... great position ... soft dramatic light , sensetive ...

Wim Ipenburg
Excellent photo & fantastic model!

Leonardo Villalobos
7 / 7

Alberto Quintal
Beautiful!!! Alberto

Alessandro Travagli
GREAT one of your bestwih this fantastic girl!

Tanya Truong
You had perfected the combination of innocence and sensuality in this photo. So lovely that someone would want to fꥬ frꥠto love :o). Congrads, Tanya.

Kombizz Kashani
nice sensual image

Nate Fri

Your talent, natural light, Nice pose & of course power of EF 50 mm f/1.4!

Everything very well balanced!

Good luck,


GauravMan Sherchan

this is one of the best nudes i'v ever come across ... the tones r perfect ... perfect lighting - window lighting used at its best to give perfect shape to the left breat and body highlights to the right side ... model pose makes u wonder whether u want to admire her breasts or look into her eyes ... u'r damn good ... keep it up ... love u'r works

Michael Börm
[freelove] shot in Berlin summer 2005 your comments are welcome

Yves Petronin
Very attractive picture, stunning in many ways, bold composition and background, unusual cold greenish tones contrasting with the skin, and eyes of a very beautiful model

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