by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 25th of November 2005 11:48:02 PM


Alexander Mandl
IMO the leg in the top right corner is a bit strange. I would crop the image about 0.5cm from the right - but then it is nerly too clean. rest looks great. Good play of lines and her curves...

John Peri
Thanks, too late now, but I did also a cropped version as you suggest. I'll probably use that one for enlarging. That being said, I have just being going through a couple of books by Helmut Newton - the occasional burned out area, feet and hands cut off, walls and doors that are not straight - the impact of an image in reality has little to do with some considerations such as often arise on PN.

Gary Stallsworth
Good pattern Interesting angle. Good balance and I like they way the tile pattern carries into the model's body, neck and collar bones, and legs and pubic area. That combined with her curves make a very strong image. I agree with the slight crop on the right side.

Timo Hartikainen
I think this is a little bit different than your photos usually, but I like this one. I also would crop a little bit from the right edge. Very nice overall.

Arthur Baas
-Congrats to the model.

J Edwards
Nice design elements.

Milan Krepelka

John Peri
Perspective .

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