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Published: Friday 25th of November 2005 12:09:05 AM


John Peri
I fully sympathize with both of your remarks above. In my view however, there is not enough "clutter" for a photo like this. Ideally, what I would have wanted would be to have had the model scattered among many other distractions, just to have her there as an additional prop which ultimately the eye would select for viewing. So in conclusion, there is either not enough or too much distraction to make this photo a success. Nevertheless, one may consider that the model and the pose have some charm.

Flemming Rasmussen
Fine composiion

David McCracken
More of the model.... I have to agree that the door is a distraction. I wonder if you took and alternative shot with the model more in the shot. I feel that would be much more interesting.

Buzz Ellington
OK for the stairs, but the door ?

Hilary Allen
you know how i am a sucker for window light and the way her spine is curved with the stair case...oh this is perfect. I agree on the door, just cut that sucka out and make concentrate on her.

John Peri
Nude on staircase .

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