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by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Published: Monday 21st of November 2005 11:03:28 PM


Joe Weisbrod
There is a suddenness to the shadowing of the upper part of this model's body and left arm that is unexpected. This viewer, at least, was hoping to see a hint of a facial expression, or the drape of an arm, to coincide with the lovely arch of the back.

Pam N
hi joe in response to your comment, it is precisely this seemingly abrupt cropping that makes this image so arresting. from a mere nude form it has now become transformed into one where the human, the individual becomes like a statue, a mannequin, with life (arch of back) yet dehumanised and perhaps immortalised as a symbol of sensuality with no face. john, am i reading u right or how do your personal views on ur piece differ? or was it purely a visual aesthetic for you?

John Peri
Let me begin by saying how comforted I feel every time a female PN member browses through my photos and comments on them with understanding. After all, you are in the position to be the hardest critics of all. I think that you express my thoughts very well. A woman is an enigmatic landscape, composed of many complex parts, each with an identity of it's own that contributes to the whole. Even though the sum of the parts will always be superior, when separated, they become abstract, surreal, and yet remain strangely sensual and pulsing with humanity. To me the immortality you mention is not only in the plastic figurative form but in the spiritual essence it conveys. It was a joy to read you Pam.

John Peri
Figure study A continued study in form ..

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