De 23

by Peri John

de nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Fashion

Published: Sunday 20th of November 2005 02:05:46 PM


Alberto Quintal
Hi John! Great colors and pose in this shot,I like it, thanks for yous words on my pictures, yes I do not know too the shadow / high lights tool that Jim said but anyway the Ps is an ocean. Cheers. Alberto.

Thomas Collins
Back from the grave... Hey John! I managed to find a free moment from life's busy ways to jump onto PN, post a few, and catch up with old friends. From the looks of things you have been quite busy with the lovely ladies, as it should be! Love the color scheme here with reds. As is your custom, you have undoubtedly put this gorgeous model at ease and it show nicely. Viva La' Pari! :-)

Detlef Klahm
an inviting look and gesture...but since she`s wearing a cross I better keep my distance...good shot John

John Peri
Are you a vampire Detlef ?

David McCracken
Possibly John She has a very concentrated look. What is amazing about the girl is the fact her eyes are level. Very few people do this without direction. Did you achieve what you set out to do? I honestly don't know but possibly you did.

John Peri
Dave, she hypnotized me ... frankly, the rest I don't remember!

John Peri
Eugene This is a model with strong features and equally strong personality. the challenge is to make them both appear in the picture.

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