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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 18th of November 2005 11:08:58 PM


Jeff Moody
I'm with Alexandre..sort of. Actually, my beef is with the beams. Might've come off looking too contrived, but the way it is here it gives the optical illusion of being tilted whereas moving slightly right might've avoided that (total nitpick, not at all important). However, then again, THAT angle might've covered up the amount of "shock" that you gave that poor innocent painting on the wall :-) Be a shame to lose that!

Peter Meade
Hello John, A study of inhabited space? It's an interesting idea, especialy as the space is made up of hard straight lines and the inhabitant is soft round lines. However, to be inhabited, shouldn't the person be there and not just the form of the person, shouldn't we see the face? Forgive me if I'm asking a stupid question. Anyway, as a study of shapes, textures and forms it's very pleasing. Best wishes. Pete

John Peri
Alexandre, Jeff, thank you for interesting comments. There is indeed a lack of symmetry and allignement, which is a little troubling maybe, but at no moment unfortunately were all the conditons just right!

Alexandre Guerra
Well it really looks like a great and very pleasant way of occupying an inhabited room. I think the light and shapes interact harmonically indeed, but for my taste perhaps I would have liked to see the ladder performing a perfect diagonal until the right lower corner, though maybe it would look less original... Regards, Alex

John Peri
Peter, that is an interesting comment also. But when you observe someone in a room, is it not very often just a fleeting glimpse that you receive of the passage of a person moving from one place to the next. In my case, these are the images that stay in my mind and haunt me, not necessarily the recognisable face on view that we are used to in every day life.

John Peri
Peter, this is a study in shape and form, not portraiture.

Peter Saucerman
Pretty casual for you, John. We usually see those lovely faces ;)

Amy Nicholson
Gorgeous photo. Love it - especially as a study and shape and form.

John Peri
Stairase A continued study of inhabited rooms, an interplay of light and shape.

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