by Tsoi Wilson

duck seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 18th of November 2005 09:59:25 PM


Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Ouche! I hope he was not step on too hard! Nice capture!

Ken Beilman
The composition really stands out on this one. Well done. Looks like the lighting is a lot more favorable than the night football images.

Brian Rosenbloom
Nice action shot. The sharpness is excellent.

Juan F. Jimenez
great action shot very nice

Pnina Evental
I like the way you have caught the movement here, the upper one is only present with the feets form and the lower one is present by the touching of feet.I don't understand in that game, but I like the energy,and sharpness of message in your series. Pnina

Sarah Underhill
Wonderful capture! Impressive sports photography. I find it quite challenging...but you make it look easy. Great sharpness, you push the shutter at the 'right' moment. Good work. I think you are the PN sports 'God...'

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson it fill with action ..!
Every time I see your creation I would tell myself ,stop thinking of a F2.8 zoom lens.

Daily Photograph
Close! (But thats no cricket any more ?)

Howard Dion
I'm still wondering how you do this hand held without any blur even at 1000?

Karl Bartels
Superb image and timing. I like f/2.8 (200 to 400mm lens). Well done!

Wilson Tsoi
Appreciate all your feedback, BRIAN: Thanks! JUAN: Glad you like it. KEN: Thanks, Ken. Indeed the day games are a lot more favorable to shoot! DANIEL: Appreciate your vote of confidence. PNINA: Glad you like it regardless of game knowlege. BTW, this is soccer, or widely known as "football" around the world. Putting the ball into the goal is a simple objective. HOWARD: At 1/1000 sec. I am sure anyone can shoot this hand-held without blur too, Howard. SARAH: Wow, coming from you it's a real honor! Thanks, Sarah. ^_^ CHiPs: Thanks, CHiPs. You will indeed love the bright f2.8 300mm. JAYME: Thanks. He was fine. Many scars accumulated over years of soccer though! DP: Thanks for your visit, especially knowing that you're really not into sports. KARL: Thanks for your kind comment and indeed the big lenses are nice. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Duck!" It's Tough to be a Goalie. Dolphins goal keeper & captain Papp Sintepadon (#0) snatches the ball away from a would-be Bulldogs scorer and prays that those cleats won't land on his face. Bellevue beats Shoreline 2-0 in a NWAACC regular season game.

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