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Published: Friday 18th of November 2005 10:28:31 AM


Frank P
Beautiful and sincere portrait. Well composed. Thanks for posting.

Alejandro Keller
Alex, Frank, Alon Thank you very much for your comments. My interest for photography, and the time that I dedicate to it, has increased in the few months that I have been in PN. Mainly because of the feedback on my work.

Alex, I've seen seen that you enjoy taking pictures in your kitchen. This is my bedroom, and it has a wonderful light in the mornings. Maybe once we could change: You let me shot in your kitchen and I let you take pictures here ;-)

Theo Keijzers
Beautiful picture Alejandro.

Luis Henriques
Very good dof!

Sebastian Free
Excellent, I love the whole serie

Javier Montero
Like the warmth and composition. Excellent.Javi

Alejandro Keller
Sebastian, Javier, Luis Thank you all for your kind words. Alejandro

Al Li
Beautiful ligthing. I love how the back light highlight the curves of her body. Wonderful contract and tone. Excellent.

Alon Eshel
Bravo Very Gentle & sensual photo . I love the light and tones . Great work

Alejandro Keller
Querido David Nunca es tarde para recibir la visita de los amigos. Gracias por tus palabras.

David Cochran
Late Comment Hola Alejandro, I just came late to this one, all I can say is that this picture is memorable. paz

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Theo Comming from you, it is even a greater compliment.

Guillermo Labarca
Estoy sorprendido de no haber visto nunca esta foto, pero me alegra de haberla visto hoy...me arreglo el dia Mas vale tarde que nunca para hacer un comentario: Me parece una excelente composicion, maravillosamente bien iluminada. Como en tantas de tus fotos intensa y al mismo tiempo contenida sensualidad. Llen de humanidad. Feliz anio.

Alejandro Keller
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