Maritza (city library in Vienna)

by Keller Alejandro

maritza city library in vienna seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Friday 18th of November 2005 10:26:42 AM


Alexandre Guerra
I also love to have my hands inside my pockets whenever I can ehehe. I guess photographers are just condemn to be stalkers and 'pains in the ass' with their models...

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Imanol and Alon Once more, it is a pleasure to have comments from persons whose work I enjoy.

Imanol Gabilondo.
7/ 7 I like it!

Alejandro Keller
Interesting... That is material for a discussion. I understand and see the point about the pose, but some people just feel comfortable with the hands like that (see for instance this or this). In her case, I know it is like that... She also agrees... Having said that, I also see what you mean with posed. That is why I said that I'll (try) to keep it in mind in a future... Hey, that is what appreciate about PN discussions: critical comments. You can learn on the ones that you find useful.

Maybe she looks stiff because she thought that my camera would fall from the small place in a column where I had to place it. I know I was thinking of that ;-)

Alejandro Keller
Gracias Charo Thanks for the visit and the comment.

Light is beautiful in that place... I did not added the warm tones, they were captured like that in the film. They come from the mixed light condition (told you there was not much light). About the pose, most of the times I let my subjects find their own way (and maybe just give a little help). I'll surely have your comment in mind in a future.

The library is beautiful as well. A must if you visit Vienna. If you saw the film "the third man" you will probably recognize the square in front of the building. Saludos, Alejandro

Alon Eshel
Beautiful portrait . excellent DOF

Charo Diez
I think you did quite well with the lighting. Also the warm tones give us the idea of being in the library. I am not so sure about the way she is posing, with her hands in the pockets... Appart from this detail, good picture.

Alexandre Guerra
Looks like I missed this place when I visited Vienna... Nice tones here and the DOF is right on spot for me. I agree though with the comment about the model's pose, she looks too 'posing' (if such a thing exists!) and stiff. Regards, Alex

David Cochran
Hola Alejandro. What a beautifol photo. I like the fact that she is wearing warm colored clothing that matches perfectly with the surroundings. Her pose is beautiful. I would have put her one more step to her front to see more of the counter behind her and balance te composition a bit. I find it a bit heavy towards the left. Me encanta como juega la tonalidad amarilla de esta foto con la del tio en el exterior azul. paz

Alejandro Keller
David You know I like to discuss about my pictures with you. But this time, I disagree about her position. I think it is better were she is now. A step to the front and she would block the column. That would be bad because I like the weffect of the light hiting just one side of the column. Besides, where she is now, there is some sort of path formed with the two other visitors and the lines of the flor. It is like a triangular shape that drives all the attention to her... Of course, all this discussions are simply theoretical because I did not thought of any of this when I took the picture. I also did not placed anybody anywhere. I looked hardly (see the comment above) through the viewfinder, liked what I saw, and pressed the shutter. I would call it a snapshot if had not told her to stand still one second. But at the end, I like how it came out.

Saludos, Alejandro

PD de 1er momento no entendí lo del tio en azul, porque no recordaba que estas fotos eran vecinas.

And another I think the photo is perfect as it is, with Maritza on the very left and practically everything else out of focus. The low light does no harm to it and it transmits emotions. It's no classical portrait, since there is a lot around, but it is definitely striking chords, even if posed. An Maritza is a very good model.

Alejandro Keller
City library, Vienna There was not much light available (bad for the books) and I had no tripod, so I had to improvise... comments are welcome

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