self portrait, or my image reflected on someone elses ship

by Keller Alejandro

self portrait or imy image reflected on someone el seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Tuesday 15th of November 2005 09:23:31 PM


what can i say , )

beautiful !!

but apart from feeling a little flattered and such ,-) i love the composition.. how you placed the mirror in the frame, use of dof.... it all comes together. much cleaner, much better than mine ever were... !

best - th

Alejandro Keller
Thorir, Remi Thank you both for your visit and comment.

Thorir: I would not say the same... I liked your series, specially your reflections on motorcycles (sounds almost philosophical). I never found the right motorcycle for me, so I had to use a ship ;-)... each one his own style, that's what I would say.

Alejandro Keller
David Muchos amigos piensan que no me parezco al retrato que me hizo Sara Rodríguez (el de PN), pero yo si me reconozco en él... sería una especie de "Large" para esta foto.

Lo de los acentos y demás tiene su chiste. Yo siempre uso la opción HTML en los comentarios:

á = á
é = é
í = í
ó = ó
ú = ú
ñ = ñ

Gracias por la visita y hasta pronto

David Cochran
Ah, por fin te vemos! Aunque peqnyito...(donde esta la enye cuando la necesitas) Y no nos la pusiste con la opcion de " large"...:-) Oye que el encuadre esta perfecto. paz

RĂ©mi Lagoin
Nice A nice picture, a lot of simplicity....

M. H.
The best photo I have seen today...and I've seen many!

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Misha It was a pleasure having you here. Please return soon. BTW, I hope you stopped looking at pictures after you saw mine. ;-)

Sang Kyu, Han
I really like it. =)

Alejandro Keller
Thank you Sang Kyu

Alejandro Keller
Selfportriat at the docks in Hamburg With special greetings to Thorir Vidar...

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