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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Sharon Jobe
John, this has a wonderful mood, the color is gorgeous! Her feet bother me a bit, sort of awkward. Her dark hair against the tub is intense, nice shot!

John Peri
Ok Alain, thanks, I'll try the cloning bit though I'm not very good at it.

Alain Lechat
Great John Lovely; nice light blue cast, nice skin tone. Excellent contrast of her hair. Nm's body makes me think of my (lovely) model. I would have cropped the soap basket out, and perhaps also the tiles to leave only the tub. With my best regards.

David McCracken
Warmth The blue tone gives an uncomfortable feel to this image as if she is 'freezing' in the bath. Lovely otherwise although it is clear her legs are too long for the bath.

John Peri
Well then, I guess I'll have to change bath tub David, and maybe get a new architect while I'm in the process, though it's unfair to blame him actually, I chose the blue tone to contrast with the skin tone and lipstick etc., also the cold colour with the warm content of the bath. Glad you like the picture otherwise !

Thomas Andrew Hall
Lovely Your muse is back! Lovely image.

Alessandro Travagli
lovely Lovely bluette tone.Alessandro

John Peri
Thank you Jonathan. I really posted this as an afterthought, but finally, it may be worth re-doing and I will look at all the advice I received above. Again, many thanks for your comment.

John Peri
Thanks Sharon, yes, if I remember correctly, she was sliding down the bathtub and I guess she cringed her toes in order to resist!

Jonathan Charles
Beautiful shot - I especially like the colours. The "normal" surroundings are fine but I agree a slightly closer crop at the top (and maybe a selective reduction in contrast) would make the tray less obtrusive. Interesting that I was also reminded of Alain's model. Best wishes, Jonathan

Thierry Burlot
One of my favorite in your portfolio.

John Peri
Thanks Mark. Again, a model with which I had a unique relationship. I think it all boils down to that, at least it is so with my non professional style.

Marc G.
One of my favorites in your portfolio as well. Framing is perfect. Colors are great: lipstick vs. blue. Pose is odd and intriguing. Very good.

John Peri
Water and forms .

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