Gerstle Park, San Rafael, Calif.

by Papai Ken

gerstle park san rafael calif seeking critique papai ken

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Category: Architecture

Published: Sunday 13th of November 2005 02:45:19 AM


Tien Hua Wong
Hi, looked like a great day for pictures. I would have preferred a bit more statue and also some more lighting on the face. regards

Stephen H
I like the lighting and composition as they are- good job. The statue itself has a couple of little blemishes that detract, though.

Ken Papai
Stephen -- LOL! That statue has a 1000 blemishes. Cheers, KJP.

Ken Papai
Gerstle Park statue Gerstle Park Inn statue, requesting a critique. Photo date: Nov. 12, 2005; thanks, Ken.

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