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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 12th of November 2005 05:38:25 AM


John Peri
Thank you David, not just for the praise but because you appreciate what I am trying to do here.

Jonathan Charles
This is a good example of the situation where conventional "rules" of composition should not be applied. As john says the "cluttered" surroundings are an essential part of the picture, providing the context (as is the available light). The angled lines form a kind of 3-d frame for the figure and the foreground defines the shape of the corridor.

It's the kind of unexpected scene that anybody who has spent time in boring hotel rooms might dream about.

I just hope (for the sake of her head) that the "Do not disturb" sign was on the door !

Best wishes, Jonathan

James Wages
John I like the pose. The mirrors and closet doors and doorhandle are making it a little cluttered to me.I would be interested to see this pose in a true darkened passage. Best regards, James

John Peri
Thank you Jim. I think it was inspiration brought about mostly by the model, but I am admittedly into dark rooms with solitary figures ..... there is something very mystical about them in my view and it's close to the imaginary. I'll post a couple more, but it may not be too interesting for the viewers ....

David McCracken
Inappropriate ambience. A little more in your face than your usual shots John. The hotel setting does not add to the ambience either. As my teachers kept saying to me, "Could do better."

John Peri
Thank you Paulo. I thought about that, but if you bring the model forwards by removing the foreground, she becomes more prominent, whereas the idea is more to have her blend into the background.

John Peri
Not really David, in fact not at all, it's just a matter of visual perspective. The triangular form is unusual however and merits study as to how best it can be presented in this setting. I'm not satisfied with the converging lines of the walls which are very hard to control, especially at the speed with which I take my photos. Could be "much better", but I am fond of the cold ambiance given by an hotel room and it's passageways in which case, James, the "clutter" actually becomes an integral part of the background "noise", which remains in contrast to the smooth and warm outline of a human body. I will definitely persue this further.

John Peri
Thank you Jonathan, you definitely understand what it is all about. I say this with all restraint, as I understand perfectly well that not everyone can identify with a similar situation. Indeed, I have spent years traveling and have always been mystified by the impersonal nature of an hotel room, hence the nature of these images of which I plan to do several more.

Paulo Pampolin
Nice scene. Perhaps you should crop a little floor and let a little more on top

David Shelby
John The image! The location! The composition! The Black and White! The Model! and the natural lighting shows adventure in artistic exploring. It is so easy to fall into repeatability of taking the same picture of Models over and over again. What you have achieved here is a high degree of a unorthodox vision of a Model posing not going with the conventional studio look! And it works! As said before,not a confused mass. The hallway draws the viewer to the pose.... Excellent work,as always Mr John.. "smiles" from D.S.C.

John Peri
Nude in dark passage .

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