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Published: Wednesday 9th of November 2005 11:10:32 AM


jamie turnbull
eehhh. I gotta say Igor I love your work but this just does?nt do anything for me. Most of your images I get a feeling from, but the whole ice series just is so, Bla. Maby the same shots but from above or even below the ice.

Vit Dau
very nice !!! kak vsegda !!! super !! Laim

Ilya Dolidze
!!! Bezuprechno! Kak i mnogie vashi raboti.

Jim Hayes
I am a great admirer of your work. What makes this shot for me is the fact that her toes seem to be digging in for leverage as she begins to stab the ice. As for her.....Well she is a queen no matter what environment you place her. It is always an adventure to see your new work. Thanks, JH

Alan Lush
Excellent This latest series is your best yet. Both the model and the images are stunning. Complements.

Peter Bernik
7/7 Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct comes to my mind, when viewing this photo. Very original and technically perfect.

Ivaylo Ivanov
I like those ice series a lot.
Maybe the "sharpen" is a little more.

benjamin gonzales

Alexander Kharlamov
Great work.(As always) The only thing that I think it's not right is the way like she is holdin the knife, if she stab the ice (as the pic suggests) like this, she certainly will cut/harm herself siriusly.

Igor Amelkovich
ICE QUEEN # 8 :-)

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