Mp 11

by Peri John

mp nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Category: Fashion

Published: Wednesday 9th of November 2005 09:41:10 AM


Oliver Weber
muy bien ... and the secon picture of you seems to be like in a hitchcock movie .. good work! olicito

John Peri
Hey, that's nice Jim. Thank you.

Todd Bennett
Excellent. You do great work.

John Peri
... and then back to photography again ..

Jim Hayes
I have often thought. Your shots make me feel as if I were there with you, sharing a drink among friends. This proves it. Thanks for all the shares.JH

Bill Wingell
Nicely done. The setting and composition really work. The second shot is interesting, too (!); the reflection is a good addition. 6/6

Greg Hall
Mp 11 wonderful shot John-provocative with no need for more skin-I really like it!! Would like to see a bit more of her face tho-she looks like a very beautiful girl... regards Greg

jim bonnici
rediscovered for the first time Wow, I rediscovered this photo for the first time. I love the retro look and feel.

John Peri
Thanks Jim. Glad you liked it.

John Peri
A moment's rest ... in between shots ....

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