Nfs 27

by Peri John

nfs johnperi artistic portrait fashion glamour nude se peri john

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Tags: johnperi artistic portrait fashion glamour nude seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 8th of November 2005 12:04:44 AM


Tom Beaudreau
Very Cooooooooool, her pose is forming several triangles within the triangled frame.

Sebastian Free
Beautiful composition and excellent shot.

David McCracken
Set up Is this the start of your 'set up' period? I hope so. This one is lovely.

Jeff Moody
Good lord, not the model! (as I said earlier, by far one of my favorites. "angelic, docil and sensitive" are very easy to imagine). Just the whole triangle in a rectangle business (let's see if this upload thingy works)

Jeff Moody
Something here reminds me a little tooooo much of A Clockwork Orange. (just me?) Anyway, my favorite model of yours and though I know it's just experimentation, kinda takes away from a beautiful photo that already stands out on its own.

Howard Dion
Very cool composition. Outstanding idea.

John Peri
That was the idea Tom, thank you.

Vi P
stylish! Her pose matches the shape of the background so well, its cool :)

David Keatley
this one realy cought my eye. nice one

Kristian Haflan
A perfect triangle?? ;) Nice :) K..

John Peri
Wow again .... !!

John Peri
Clockwork Orange ... Wow! ... she is the most angelic, docile and sensitive model that I know!

John Peri
Asian triangle I'm experimenting a little with shapes and forms ....

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