a cold day (a second before)

by Keller Alejandro

a cold day second before seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Monday 7th of November 2005 09:07:55 PM


Alejandro Keller
This happened a second before this other image:

David Cochran
On this one, we are aware of her. On the other she is aware of us. I like this one better, a peaceful happiness. paz

Alejandro Keller
Querido David I am happy to read that you think that. You know, what is the point of a snapshot if the subject is prepaired for the picture? As you said in another comment, it is this esence of humanity that makes some pictures beautiful.

I had to post this one for two reason, because I like it and because it makes you understand the second one. Here she was not waiting for the picture or, as you put it, we are aware of her. In the other, she is aware of us but was not expecting a second shot; she is not smiling for the camera. She smiles because she realized that I just took a picture of her. That is what makes the other picture also special to me... I am not so sure if everybody understands this two images as snapshots and not just posed portraits.

David, thank you for taking the time to look at my PF and leave so many comments behind. Alejandro

David Cochran
Hola Alejandro. Both pictures are great moments or documents. It is clear that she was not posing on either, but the one where she is looking to the side makes you wonder more, what is it thet she is looking at. It is as if you captured the little girl in her. paz

Alejandro Keller
a cold morning (a second before) Thanks for clicking on the thumbnail. Alejandro

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