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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 5th of November 2005 03:28:09 PM


Robert Marleau
the left foot distract me a would be intereresting to try to hide it; I would give a 5!

Will Shinn
7/6 Hey John, another great shot as usual. The color saturation and lighting is terrific in this capture. I am curious to know more about the lens and lighting used. Am looking to upgrade from some of my old system, and whatever you are using seems to give good results. Good work and a fine subject. Regards,

John Peri
Will, I am presently using a NIKON D 70 with a standard 35 - 70 mm lens that came with the camera. I also have an SB 800 flash (which drives me banannas, because it always underexposes). That's it.

Peter Bernik
Great photo, I really like the pose and look. This is one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen...

Will Shinn
John, thank you for the quick reply. I was perusing the ratings this photograph has been given by some of the others, and I couldn't help but notice that mine was somewhat higher than the average. I always rate a capture, before looking to see what others have rated. That way I'm unbiased, but find it interesting to go back and review what other raters have given. At the risk of offending some with certainly no intention do so, but to make a point... I think that ?we? have become so acustom to seeing so many beautiful images on PN (because of the many talented photographers who are willing to share their works), that it is easy for ?us? to become jaded and somewhat overly critical from time to time. Having been ?into? the art of photography myself for most of my life, I recognize how easy this is to do and sometimes must re-calibrate my expectations to avoid this pitfall. I strive to maintain the same naitivety and mindset that I had when I was a college photographer on the yearbook staff more that 30 years ago when the yearbook and the photojournalism studes shared/compared our work with each other. In those cherished long ago days, when we were all eaten up with the art; the most flattering compliment that could be given to you was to have a colleague asked for a ?print? of an image. That was the ultimate recognition, and confirmation from your peers that the work you had created was very special indeed. Had you been a colleague of mine in those days and presented me this image, I most certainly would have asked you for a print. My rating stands. Great work and thank you for sharing your great works. Regards,

Bee Jay
good nice work john.......i think she sitting uncomfortable .......('coz of foot) regards jaya

umashankar pandey
7/7 Dear John, 7/7. Period.

John Peri
Balcony portrait A glamour shot taken in evening light on the balcony, with a little bounce flash pointing to the side of the model ..

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