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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 5th of November 2005 01:57:24 PM


John Peri
George, I think that the younger the models are, the more they exert control over how they want a picture to appear. It's literally "let's do this now" !

John Peri
J --, I learn every day from some critique made.

George Becker
Truly your best collaboration with this young model.

Dexter Dee Dee
A wonderfull subject.

Bee Jay
good good portrait..........& nice pose..........john. cheers jaya

Robert Pietraga
I like this pose.

hassan bipul
WoWwwwwww...... What an attractive face...what a sharp look and just what a creative photographer to capture all these. Congrats John.

John Peri
Yes, she was leaning on a white doorway and she disappeared abruptly, so I enlarged the frame to the left. Thank you for your comment.

Ninoslav Sohrab
Well seen! 6/6

johnwat leo
wowwwwwwwww she is soooooo cute :)

Sweid Sideris
Killer. The soft focus and smooth lightning fits perfect. The composition develops her candid beauty -and very young indeed- catching the observer, mainly due to the strength of her gaze. An outstanding portrait, she must be happy. As you can see, I like wander your portfolio on sunday morning.

Richard Deng

Such strong classic features, she looks very mature here despite her obvious youth.  There is something about her that really strikes a chord.  This is the reason why some men will do anything for a woman.

John Peri
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