Portrait in Autumn

by Keller Alejandro

portrait in autumn seeking critique keller alejandro

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Published: Saturday 5th of November 2005 12:49:10 PM


Sebastian Free
Excellent shot. I love the expression, the gaze, and the DOF; perfect. I prefer the green tones to the colour. Congratulations.

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Thank you all for your comments. I really value your feedback.

John: your comments are well taken. Was just trying to say that your point brought me to think about something that I did not saw before. That's why I value feedback that much... About numbers: it is more that I find the very low ratings to be very interesting. They make me wonder what that person wanted to find on my pictures, and obviously did not. That is the reason why I consider low rated pictures a highlight ;-)

David: I agree that plain BW works here very well. But I also like to experiment with tonalities... Maybe the tones will work better in few days, once I receive my calibration hardware.

Alon Eshel
Each one got it's own quality . i love the b&w very much , the color of the cloth are remarkable . hard to decide :-)

Alejandro Keller
Thanks Alon. Will be interesting to post the other and compare the feedback.

Interesting John. I did not thought of that before. The funny thing is that I did not ask her to make a pose. I just clicked when I felt it was right... Just now, I tried to reproduce the movement. First it did felt weird, but then I realized it is all in the perspective: If you raise your chin and turn like that then it will feel unnatural. The lower your chin is, the more comfortable it is. Here it looks as if her chin was higher because of the low camera angle... Maybe it was comfortable maybe not, I cannot tell. Guess I'll have to ask her to turn her face like that again and tell me what she feels ;-)

David Cochran
Alejandro, this is a very beautiful portrait. I like the monochrome version much better, the color of the clothes do call attention and interfere with her expression. Also, her face is brighter in the monochrome, no tinges of reds and magentas, just light. In my monitor there is a tinge of green on the picture, I feel that plain B&W will make it more striking. I have to add that the model is beautiful. peace

John Falkenstine
Well, this girl is naturally very attractive, and as you show in some of your other images, a natural face in a relaxed mode often works better. BTW don't worry about the ratings. If I geared my photography to the ratings here I wouldn't be photographing anymore.

Alessandro Travagli
I like the expression!

Alon Eshel
Excellent use of DOF . the hair style & clothes are perfect , the gaze . all together creating a beautiful and interesting shot .

Amar Khoday
Alejandro, I like the dof. There is something rather striking about the image. Her expression, her clothing, her hair. Personally, her neck position doesn't seem so awkward to me.

Marc Doyon
Very nice portrait on a very nice background.

John Falkenstine
Nice exposure, but this weird twisted neck style reminiscent of older statuary that endures just doesn't click for me. Turning your head in this position is just not natural, and it looks that way as well.

Alejandro Keller
Alon: Thanks for the comment. I will probably post the original color-image as well. How do you think it compares to the BW version?

Dexter Dee Dee
A very nice portrait. I like blured circles background. Well done, DDD

Pervaiz Saeed
portrait in autumn beautiful picture, looks better in monotone as the face of the lady is more important than the colourful clothes. i like the expression, which i think is a bit poetic because of the longing looks...

Tony Chiu Ming
Excellent This is a wonderful catch. The position of this girl is perfectly placed. Great eye.

David Cochran
Alejandro, thanks for taking your time to explore the B&W. I hope that you get to "play" with your new technology toys :-) There are is a great article on View Camera Magazine regarding calibrating your monitors and printer curves to match specific printing papers. peace

Irina No
Very good and perfect DOF!

Peepeye Photography
Very lovely.

Alejandro Keller
Thank you all for your comments. I always appreciate the feedback and like to discuss interesting points. I am glad you took the time to comment... It is also an honor to receive the visit of people whose work I admire. Regards, Alejandro

Alejandro Keller
Portrait in Autumn I was thinking of a portrait when I shot this, but fashion is probably the best category to put it in... the truth is that she likes to dress up and it is not rare to see her this stylish.

Feedback appreciated. Alejandro

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