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Published: Sunday 7th of October 2001 01:41:38 AM


Marc G.
Blur as well... I'm not saying all pictures should be sharp, but if they are not, my personal belief is that the motion blur should increase the level of drama. If that's not happening, I believe it's better sharp.

G .
I couldn't disagree more on the low ratings and comment above. I think the blur does indeed add to the drama. The face is still abundantly expressive, and it looks as though someone is pulling at her arm. The action being obscurred partially by the darkness offers a strong sense of mystery and arouses curiosity. Very cinematic.

Jodie Coston
This is a brilliant image. A wonderful sense of motion, passion, and drama. Makes me stop and catch my breath. I think the lower ratings were off-the-cuff from people who didn't stop to see what is really here.

James Morehouse
I agree with Jodie. This is just one of several that I really enjoy.

Sp ...
Wonderful So much expression with so little detail. If you give it more than a minute it really draws you in.

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