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starvation seeking critique novojilov oleg

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Published: Tuesday 1st of November 2005 11:19:07 AM


Tawhid Uddin
Nice work 7/7

Natasha Gudermane
Wow,... siljno !!!

Rikki Williams
Yes I like this one, original

Balthasar Thomass
Interesting and funny.

Alberto Quintal

Jacob R
Very original!

benjamin gonzales
Cute and ever so critically comical. Well done.

very clever

Sherwin James
Strange, but very thought provoking.

Milan Krepelka

richard johnson
I love this. It sends all kinds of messages. A great blend of illustration and photography.

Stephan Brauchli
Perfect Excellent work.

Alberto Calheiros

Guilherme Maciel de Bem
6/7 Very original.

Alon Eshel
Love it Very creative & Theatrical

Chris Gibbs
So different to the norm. You have to keep coming up with this kind of thing, or better.

Rick Lashua
Very Cool....

Sergei Sogokon
Nice concept,Oleg!

Ektor Coughanour
Great!! Original work!!

carlos pinto coelho
Why not? Subversively arousing, this work combines theatrical, mastering of light and photographic self-amusement. Why not?

Claude Germain
Great work !!

Paul Konigsberg
wow. It seems the scene for a Samuel Beckett drama

David Bradley
Very original...and it says so much...6/7

Al Li

Uwe Juergensen
absolutly great idea, greetings uwe

Fran Garcia
very original and good composition

Aivars B.
: ))))) super !!! Uzhe v Rosijskom saite obratil vnimanije na foto !! Super !!! Vzjal v kolekciju !!!! Prekrasno !!!

Ninoslav Sohrab
Great shot! 6/6

Peepeye Photography
Hmmm, feeding time for worm number 4848. This is great! That neck tie sticking out is a nice touch too.

Vit Dau
exelent !!!! very gut !!!! Laim

renz sevilla
interesting concept.

Eugene Cottrell
wow I want her so badly...yet I can't look at her withour looking at freaky.

Enigma Photography
Simply brilliant!

Dariusz Calkowski
It reminds to me totalitary regims of 20th century. Only someone from central or east Europe can make picture like this. It's so original and sick that now I'm in love in it. More please!!!

David Meyer
This is just a great image. It appeals to the prurient interests, the intellectual theorists, and is exceptionally strong graphically. I don't know how you came up with the concept, but I give it my first 7/7 rating on (For whatever that's worth.) Show me some more of this caliber.

Fernando Quintino
WOW, great work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hector Fernandez Rivera
soberbio You not only have the eye to do a great pic you also have a very deep vision on actual society. Bravo

lee tracy
Totalitarian Regime? Try Abu Ghraib.

David McCracken
Genius No criticism... only kind words... Nothing short of genius! Wonderful!

Alberto Calheiros
Das melhores fotos!

Sweid Sideris
Great construction you've done. Provocative, luring, and refined. Excellent.

Kombizz Kashani
poor man

Oleg Novojilov
Starvation I shall be glad to kind words and constructive criticism

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