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Published: Monday 31st of October 2005 09:42:43 AM


Nick Wicked
This is why I like almost everything about this photo. The discussion reflects why I stopped posting photos on this site. I admire your patience and tenacity, John.

John Peri
Thank you E. P., and not just for liking the picture, there is absolutely no reason why you should, some people like a photo, others don't. The bikini lines are totally irrelevant however, unless you consider that they add to the attraction through the naturalness of the model, and the angle chosen are one of the few possibly original things about this photo. I'm glad you liked that. Admittedly, what I do not like is the cramped up left shoulder, though I guess one might also consider that it adds some tension to the shot. Though it would be unreasonable to suggest that one should not photograph someone under strain, I think that if I had the choice, I would neverthless prefer the arm to be more relaxed in this particular shot. Again, many thanks and not just for being positive about the photo. One can be negative about a picture and also express it with curtesy.

Jacob R
This reminds me of a photo I saw in a magazine once. I don't like the models eyeline though. What is she looking at?

Nick Wicked
This is why (Pt 2) Thanks for your encouragement, John, but I don't see it as letting injustice prevail. The "injustice" I see is allowing rude and unappreciative people to view your photos of wonderful nude models. This is not to say that your photos are (or my photos were) above legitimate critique. But you certainly do not deserve uncivil treatment, and my impatience with it is why I decided to stop posting nudes here.

Enigma Photography
Eh? Bikini lines jumping out? Errr, well....I guess, but they seem perfectly natural in this shot. Bikini lines are a fact of life for models who...well....ermmm....wear bikinis. There are a number of things I really like about the shot, one is the angle and the choice of lens, does a wonderful job of creating a more elongated perspective, which I like very much. In fact, the only thing that (for me, mind you, probably not for everyone) I wondered about was her gaze and expression, but that could be interpreted a number of ways, and I would probably LOVE it if I looked at the shot yesterday or look at it tomorrow (in other words, not a big enough deal to affect ratings number at all). Egad, and if people are gonna howl about a pose being comfortable, I think I had best leave my latest roll of 35mm unprinted, as the model was less than comfortable in the 10-15 seconds she had to hold the pose...then again, the lines and forms the poses create might be to *someone's* liking, he he. Very nice shot (errr, I suppose I coulda just said that and left it at that).

David McCracken
John... Be done... move on... you have a lot to offer. Why waste it?

John Peri
Bill, thank you very much for your support, I appreciate it. My premise nevertheless is that one should never let a minority spoil life for the others, be it terrorists in our society or mean people on a photo site. There are a lot of genuine and very decent people on PN. I am a litle disturbed by Brian M's recent censorship, not because of his choice of subject matter so much as the principle, but I appreciate the fact that he wants to maintain a certain standard and style here. How else can he do it. Look at Photo sig for example where there is so much vulgarity. It ends up spreading even to the way in which people communicate among themselves. The language used there is appalling. I don't know photopoints.

Bill Rogers
Wonderful B&W Tone John, the b&w tone is excellent, and the lighting is perfect. You could try posting where I do, on photopoints, where every photo is perfect no matter how bad it is. The cultures that evolve on the various photo critique sites amaze me. This one seems to be getting meaner. I've often thought of posting a pirated shot from Lee Friedlander or Ansel Adams under my name, then wait to see what the kids and space cadets have to say about it. Regards, Bill

John Peri
Edmunde Burke Thank you Nick. The best policy of course is not to answer back, but it's really difficult sometimes, especially after a hard day's work. It's only a minority, but there will always be those that want to vent their spite and it's so easy to open a fictitious account in order to do that. Nevertheless, it is a shame that you have removed your nudes and you really should consider coming back. It is never right to let injustice prevail.

John Peri
Miss Taylor was a fictitious account created by XX, with identical IP's. They were both deleted.

John Peri
Window ight The step is narrow and the pose is a little uncomfortable, but it highlights the musculature under the available light from the window.

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