untitled jonathan charles naturist godess nymph photo lands

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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Brad Kim
Idyllic.... You broke the rules... and I love this! The only small reservation from me is the burned out sky, it is only a minor problem, though.

john weaver
It works! Maybe crop those branches on the lhs, but really, it's fine.

Jonathan Charles
Breaking the rules Most of the standard photographic rules have been broken in this photo - the main subject is out-of-focus and centred and rather dark and small, the foreground is uneven and cluttered, the background is hazy and the sky is blown-out white. But there are reasons: - The sharp focus on the foreground is intentional, to balance the tendency for the viewer to concentrate (understandably) only on the nude girl walking towards us rather than see the whole scene in a balanced way. By using a small aperture the detail in the figure and background are adequate to see what they are and don't IMHO need to be spelled out. I didn't use fill-in flash or a reflector for the same reason. For those who would like to see her in sharper focus I have posted other photos of Susie (more to come) but in this shot she is intended to be just part of the scene, in a way representing the viewer to experience the nice feel of the situation. - I chose a centred position for the model to create a "suspended in time" feel ie deliberately the opposite of the dynamic effect of the usually recommended off-centre composition. - I thought about "cleaning up" the foreground but eventually decided to leave in the random elements to show it was a natural (not carefully set-up) scene. - The hazy background and white sky were slightly accentuated in this print as they are characteristic of the situation - late on a hot summer's day in the country. I think it's often necessary to break the conventional rules to convey a specific idea but i'd be interested to see if you can see past the "mistakes" to the concept of the picture. Thank you for your views and comments. Best wishes, Jonathan.

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