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Published: Friday 28th of October 2005 03:48:06 PM


Jeff Moody
wonderful model and pose (she really engages the camera well in my very uneducated opinion) but I'd have rathered not lose the top of her head if possible. Just me?

John Peri
My remark further up disappeared Jeff, I said something about loosing my head too .... Ha .. no to your second message, I'm the most conservative person that you could ever imagine !

Jeff Moody
and I can ONLY imagine what I'D lose if I got caught photographing models like these!! :-) I'm sure you've heard it all before, but you are one lucky man... kinda like the Hugh Heffner of Photo.net! (Except I doubt that you cruise around all day long in a silk smoking jacket and slippers! :-)

John Peri
Thank you Milo. I think it is probably due to the fill in flash that I used.

Milo G
Thoughts Another one of your elegant portraits John. But is the highlight on the cushion a little bleached or is it my monitor?

John Peri
The hidden and sublime A passionate young woman who gives her all in everything she does, including a photo session ...

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