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blues seeking critique pandey umashankar

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Published: Thursday 27th of October 2005 04:09:10 PM


Jeff Moody
That's exactly what I had in mind. Do you like it as well? Anyway, either way it's a beautiful moment (though in a sad way) & I look forward to seeing more of your work!

umashankar pandey
Thanks Ken and Jeff, I'm grateful for comments and tips. Here is the cropped version for Jeff:

Julius Jebamony
Lovely shot and the title is good as well. I favor the cropped version too.

umashankar pandey
Dear Ken, Jeff and Julius, I have uploaded the new (cropped) version. Hope you'll understand. Thanks.

Ken Davies
Blues A beautiful picture of a beautiful child. The emotion is lovingly captured using available light and focusing (with autofocus, as it's a D-70) on the eyes.

Jeff Moody
Great forelorn (sp) expression. Nice lighting and color. Just a thought, but maybe I'd crop off the bottom (handlebars?) since with so much white space it almost looks like she's resting her arms in mid-air. Nice shot overall!

Javed Rassi
Very good shot, good detail in the eyes and I like the expression.

Nezif Tamson
The face is very good.interesting photo.congratulation.Best regards.

Peter Bukovsky
Nice :) Very deep-three dimentional. This picture would be also very nice in B&W. Clarity is very good and so is the light-except a bit of the left upper corner-very strong there. I like it a lot.Good work.

umashankar pandey
Blues Thanks for viewing.

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