Jo 8

by Peri John

jo nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 27th of October 2005 10:50:38 AM


David McCracken
Lovely Lovely... the girl that is... and the photo isn't too bad either! Forgive me John... I think I have said before, this girl is magical.

John Peri
A word seems to have disappeared above ... one that reflects the "personality" of the model ...

Plinio Guglielmetti
Hi John. I guess I'm not much of a fan of your work Aesthetic wise. Nevertheless your nude folder packed with different ladies/models gives you 7/7 credit as smooth talker. I'm sure you are great bulding trust and confort with your subjects. Great effort.

John Peri
Let me answer that she is a good model and is generous in the way she manages to exteriorize her personality and good looks.

John Peri
Well Plinio, I guess it is meant as a compliment but it isn't one. If I post my photos here, it is to have them criticized and not my personality. Nevertheless, I don't think that the trust that one may inspire in anyone has anything to do with smooth talk, on the contrary. The majority of people are not so stupid , especially the young women that pose for me when it comes to their privacy.

John Peri
Thank you Jonathan. She is gorgeous to photograph.

Jonathan Charles
Lovely empathic face-and-body portrait . Congrats to you both. Best wishes, Jonathan

John Peri
Jessica A casual portrait but that one that reflects the model ...

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