"Ready to Rumble"

by Tsoi Wilson

ready to rumble seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 27th of October 2005 12:36:26 AM


John Seward
It's like you were playing TE! Great shot!!!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your comments, CHERLYN: Very glad you still enjoy them regardless of game knowledge. ^_^ PULOK: Thanks, appreciate your vote of confidence. JOHN: Very good point, John. Either that, or maybe a defensive end timing the snap! HOWARD: Thanks, Howard. COLIN: Very cool comparison you've provided. Sure, the horses and the stacked line fit right in. Notice names of two teams are "Knights" and "Warriors"? ^_^ LINDA: Thank you much for your feedback, Linda. KEN: Yeah, I sometimes get that sense of impeding collision on the sideline as well! Wilson ^_^

Cherlyn .
Though I don't understand the game :-), but I enjoy your seris of photos. So well taken & executed.

Howard Dion
Excellent for a night shot.

Pulok Pattanayak
I agree with cherlyn .. Regards...

Ken Beilman
Nice composition and a sense of impending collision.

Colin Carron
Good sense of the pent up strength just waiting for the 'go'. It reminds me of the 'Battle of Tolentino' by Ucello where the conflict is coneyed by the repeated shapes and line of the horses and lances. OK - I guess horses and lances don't feature much in this sort of battle but you know what I mean!

Linda Keagle
Wilson I like how the picture is all helmets and uniforms...the players are almost completely anonymous.

Wilson Tsoi
Knights in Shinning Armor, "Ready to Rumble" Kamiak Knights offensive line, anchored by center Chris Dugavich (#55,) gets ready to rumble against Edmonds-Woodway Warriors. Warriors prevail 24-7 in a WesCo South Division 4-A game. This is part of my "Friday Night Light" local high school football presentation.

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