Namib desert. plse see also sister photo in my "desert" file

by Richard DESOMME

namib desert plse see also sister photo in my dese seeking critique richard desomme

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Published: Tuesday 25th of October 2005 06:46:32 PM


Gunnar Diestel
I think the woman goes pretty well with the whole thing. Gives you some sense of scale. Awesome colours, hard to believe this is real (but I do believe it). Thanks for sharing, Gunnar

Sondra Kicklighter
Wow, the woman really adds to the photo for scale. Thats some dune in the background and the trees are fantastic. Nice work, Sondra

Peter Saucerman
In this age of Photoshop, hard to believe the colors are real. the woman helps for scale.

Jeff Moody
I think that the woman definitely changes the feel of the shot (from "artistic"-only stark colors and textures to more of a travel/national geographic feel) so if it were me, I'd have (after fainting in the presence of such grandeur and "pressure" to produce something worthy) taken one with and one without. The colors and the scale are incredible. Great work!

I used a Fuji slide film. Then, I had to scan it on my little 900 $ scanner. All this on my Apple portable laptop. Of course these processings are not very professionals. The dune at the back might be less brown and the soil more grey but -as far I remember- I'm quite close to the reality. I appreciate your remarks !!! Richard .... sorry my English is not top class

John Galt
Lovely colors But, Is the girl a distraction? Do you have a pic without her? Would love to see that one...

Namib desert this was taken in Sossusvlei ( Namibia ) the back of the photo is a dune.

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